Impla ™.

Sustainable down alternative to improve the planet.  
  Good For Animals.  

The “Responsible Down Standard” (RDS) is supposed to assure consumersthat down and feathers from live-plucked birds do not end up inproducts.

However, suppliers can be RDS certified and still sell live-pluckedfeathers.

Brands lie to consumers. They hide behind this certification while notabiding by it.



Impla™ is on a mission to provide the world’s first sustainable down alternative to brands globally. It is derived from all-natural plant ingredients such as corn, cassava and sugarcane.


Additionally, it can be reused and recycled, is 100% biodegradable, and is the only product of its kind with an incredibly low carbon footprint.


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Today’s society rallies behind our animals and planet. Customers are voting with their wallets to put an end to animal cruelty and to save our planet.
All around the world, geese are tortured for their feathers. Thinking they’re helping solve this problem, customers will buy synthetic down alternatives. However, this is even worse. These synthetic alternatives are petroleum based and created from plastics, further contributing to Earth’s pollution and killing entire ecosystems. So, what can a customer do?
For us, the decision was easy. Find a product that solves both issues.

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The Impla™/PLA Bioplastics Process




PLA pellets, the main ingredient in Impla’s down alternative, is produced from renewable corn, cassava, sugar cane and sugar beet.




Textile & Fabric Usage

From pellets, PLA is spun into fiber yarns for fabrics and textiles. PLA in this form can be used in a variety of products, such as down jackets and comforters.



& Recycle

Because of its biodegradable nature, PLA can be both recycled and composted! You can do this either at home, or a specialty facility.




Carbon Neutral Breakdown

Being derived from renewable resources, PLA products don’t deplete the world’s supply of petroleum. They are almost completely carbon neutral when they break down.






100% Biodegradable, Low Carbon Emissions



Impla™ products are made of 100% biodegradable materials, and are the only product of their kind with an incredibly low carbon footprint.




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